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Data Protection:

King Travel OOD is registered in the Register of the Data Protection under number 340713. In order to process and fulfill your reservation and to provide tourist services or packages and all related activities (eg, billing, accounting, compliance with security rules, customs control, etc.)., We require certain personal information such as name, address , phone number, credit, debit or bank card, and more. By providing us with your personal data, you expressly acknowledge and agree King Travel OOD dispose of your personal information in accordance with this Policy and the relevant laws and regulations, including the transmission of data within and outside the Republic of Bulgaria.

In the provision of personal data, we will strictly observe applicable laws and obtain all necessary permits for this (if requested).We accept no liability for damages arising out of incorrect or incomplete information provided by you. King Travel OOD may be included in the process of data management organization for data processing. Please note that we may disclose your personal information to our related companies within the EU. When you provide personal information, you acknowledge and agree to the transfer of your personal information to our related companies. We give your information to the competent authorities or court, on request and where required by applicable laws. We make our best efforts, including taking reasonable technical and security measures for the protection and safe storage of your personal information and to protect personal information from unauthorized access, use, and alteration or unauthorized deletion.

We pay special attention to the safe transmission of personal and financial data. This data is transmitted from your computer to the server reservations King Travel OOD through encrypted channels supported by the most modern technology of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).Access to your information is accessible only to persons who need them for the above purpose. King Travel OOD shall not be in any way responsible for the publication of the users of any information obtained makes no warranty as to the accuracy or reliability of the information content . Publication of these reviews and their content does not mean that King Travel OOD agrees with the views and statements of the content. If you are offended by such content under consideration or in any way you alleged in violation of  the terms and conditions of use, please let us know immediately.


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